Our Mission

Everyone has a "Call to Action!" :)

If you could make a difference in the life of just one impressionable young person - What would you ...Do? We'd love to hear from you!

From "Memories. . . to Motivation"

We cherish the memory of our beloved Taahir "Ty" Harris who lived an incredible life of freedom and who loved giving of himself to others! He was a tremendous son, friend, brother, uncle and child of God. Known well for his unique approach to life and making everyone laugh while remembering why it's important to just "Be ALIVE."

By the young age of just 19 years old - Ty has touched more lives and demonstrated more compassion for others than most of us see over a lifetime. He was most known for his kindness and his dedication to friendship. Helping to watch over and protect the most vulnerable amongst his peers was the kind of heart that is still touching our lives today. 

There is no greater gift than laying down our lives to help others in need. "For this is a true friend." Our foundation will give those that share Ty's "light and fire" an opportunity to be a part of a real movement. To help Make it Different for others! 

The #TyLives Make it Different Foundation will both support and create opportunities for young people to make (and re-make) their lives in new and exciting ways. Right now, we are focusing on charitable causes that support these values, including our annual scholarship to a Southington High School student in need of vocational financial support. We have already awarded our first scholarship of $2,000 for the class of 2018 in honor of Ty and his annual Scholarship Fund!

We are also seeking new opportunities to meet unique needs and challenges of youth in a rapidly changing world.

The #TyLives Foundation wants all youth to know that being different or standing out is God's gift to them - and their gift to us. As Ty would say, "Stand out" and don't just live to fit in. We encourage our young people to live in a way that honors the image of God and love for our neighbors and ourselves. Learning to love oneself is a process. Ty's life has inspired us to use our abilities and talents to reach our target group with that message. Our Youth.

Please support our events, community outreach, fundraising efforts - and just get involved and - Help us "Make it Different!"